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Eggsellent Easter Gift Solutions 2019

Perth’s Most Eggsellent Easter Gifting Solutions!

When it comes to Easter gifting, many of us cringe at the thought of brightly coloured tin foil covered bunnies.

I mean, how could we not?

They are everywhere in the supermarket aisles before Santa has even kicked off his boots. And just like the furry real life versions, they multiply in size and quantity, the closer we get to Easter. It’s enough to make you sick, literally!

Sweet, mass produced chocolate, the kind that does nothing for your hips or teeth and makes the kiddies hyper. No one wants that. We’ve all seen or felt the aftermath of an Easter chocolate overload. Not pretty.

Now, not all chocolate is made equal. In fact, some chocolate may actually be good for you! Hallelujah dark chocolate. Here at The Gifting Pot, we are all about quality, not quantity. We do artisan, not artificial. And we love sourcing and connecting with our suppliers.

So, this Easter we have collaborated with super talented Perth Chocolatier, Sue Lewis and Dessert Stylist Nikki Bird to bring you the very best of effortless, eggsellent gifting!

Hand crafted tasty Easter treats that look (almost) too good to eat, have been selected for our Easter Gifting Pots, so you can skip the supermarket nasties.

Our Easter Gifting Pots and Products have been created with you in mind. Buy them as a separate Easter gift or team them up with some of our other products to create your own Gifting Pot.

Either way, these artisan made chocolate gifts are perfect for corporate gifting, client thank you’s or rewarding staff. Your family and besties will be saying you’re an Easter legend with these Easter Gifting Pot ideas.

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Easter Indulgence is a chocolate lovers delight, including our favourite Easter treats from Dessert Stylist Nikkisweets and Chocolatier Sue Lewis. Available in Perth only, the Easter Indulgence Gift Pot includes a 100g Sue Lewis luxury egg, 7 piece mixed flavoured custard puff box from Nikkisweets, 100g “Easter Hunt” milk chocolater and delicate, fruity Rosé.
The best part of the Easter Bunny, has to be the bum. How cute are these bottoms! Available to gift as a single bum or a three pack, these Bunny Bums are 40 grams of milk, dark or dulcey chocolate, perfect for those who only want a little bit of Easter Chocolate goodness.
Chocolate addicts this ones for you! Our favourite Easter Gifting Pot, sure to please any chocolate lover. Crafted with love through collaboration with Perth chocolatier Sue Lewis, these pots are filled with quality chocolate buttons, chocolate soil, bunny bum and carrot. Available in milk or dark chocolate.
Ever since these bunnies arrived at The Gifting Pot HQ, they’ve been nothing but mischievous. Their multiplying ways and extraordinary amount of droppings have been making such a mess! We’d love you to give these Easter bunnies a good home. They come in white, milk and dark chocolate and taste delicious!
The sweetest cookies in town! How gorgeous are these Easter cookies handcrafted by Nikkisweets. Delicious, sweet and cute, they will be a hit treat for those that don’t do chocolate.
Lyn Uniewicz The Gifting Pot | Perth Gift Solutions | Corporate Business Gifts
Lyn Uniewicz is the founder of The Gifting Pot and is Perth’s most loved Gifting Queen. Lyn loves connecting with people and sourcing from local artisans to create effortless memorable gifts for you. The gift that keeps on growing; all Gifting Pots come with a packet of our signature seeds. Follow The Gifting Pot on all the usual fun social spots.

Christmas 2018 Gift Solutions

Gifting Pot Logo Christmas 2018

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you an effortless gifting Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It’s Christmas in no time again and I don’t know about you, but I have certainly had years in the past where I have struggled to find just the right gift for someone important in my life.

It’s one of the many reasons for launching The Gifting Pot – to provide more effortless gifting solutions to the standard old boxed or basket style gift hampers you see shared around all over the place at this time of year.

I’m excited to be receiving advanced orders from my corporate and business clients to pass onto their valued clients. There’s nothing quite like having someone say “you matter” with a quality gift filled with things you can actually use and often eat.

I’ve had great fun sourcing the products to go into each of our Christmas 2018 Gift Pot range and can’t wait to hear from you and your gift recipient once your Gifting Pot Christmas 2018 gift pot has been received.

Click the button below to see our Christmas range and be sure to get your orders in early so you don’t miss out on the Gift Pot you’d like to share with someone.

Time for tea | Gifting Pot Christmas 2018 | Corposate Business Gifts Perth
Pop the Moet Christmas 2018 | Gifting Pot Gift Solutions Corporate Clients Business Perth
For her Christmas Gift Solution Perth 2018 | The Gifting Pot
The Star | Christmas 2018 Gift Solutions Perth | Corporate Small Business Gifts

Welcome To The Gifting Pot

Love Giving Gifts? Me Too!

Lyn Uniewicz The Gifting Pot | Perth Gift Solutions | Corporate Business Gifts

Welcome to The Gifting Pot!

Hi, I’m Lyn Uniewicz, founder of The Gifting Pot and The Inspirational Queen of Gifting.

I’ve waited so long to be able to welcome you to our new online home, our website. This brings my vision to provide high quality gift solutions to the corporate and business space in Perth to a new level of reality.

I can’t wait to create something for you and look forward to welcoming you to The Gifting Pot family from your first order.

I love finding just the right gift for someone and this has been a life long passion of mine. With The Gifting Pot you now have access to a range of gift solutions that challenges the norms of gift baskets and gift boxes you’ve seen on the market for so long.

Every gift pot is individually curated in my home studio combining the finest products I can source. As new products come to my attention, the gift pots will change and evolve over time so be sure to come back and visit us often.

You can also follow The Gifting Pot on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s new, what I’m up to and to meet our suppliers and see behind the scenes.

Thanks for joining me here. I look forward to developing a fabulous, long term relationship with you and becoming your gift provider of choice.