Have you ever wondered about the purpose of giving gifts?


On a basic level, we give gifts because we’re supposed to. We give gifts on certain occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas. It’s often part of your tradition or culture. But what about other occasions, what about giving a gift just because or gifting to express appreciation? These are the most important gifts of all, because they are often unexpected.


Thank you gifts are an important part of maintaining relationships, both personal and professional.


Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness wasn’t spending their money in the right places. Gift givers love to spend their money on others, it brings them as much joy as the receiver. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that engaging in acts of generosity can actually make you feel happier. Think about it. Who hasn’t felt a touch of the warm fuzzies when seeing their gift recipients face light up? The world could do with a whole lot more of that right now. Gifts make us happy because they allow us to connect with one another.


So, what do you give as a token of your appreciation? Some flowers? A card? A gift voucher? Too boring.


With spring here, summer is just around the corner and that means the end of the year. Have you started thinking about who you need to thank? You want to say thank you with a gift that connects, something that is unique and memorable. You want a gift that receiving is an experience in itself, and one that keeps on giving. 



Here is a list of some of the more popular reasons our clients choose The Gifting Pot to say thank you:

  • Thank you for being our coach

  • Thank you for being a great teacher

  • Thank you for choosing to work with us (onboarding a new client)

  • Thanks for your continued support (loyal clients)

  • Thank you for your referral

  • Thank you for your sale

  • Thank you for being my bridesmade/groomsmen

  • Thank you for being my best man

  • Thank you for planning our wedding

  • Thank you for being a great boss

  • Thanks for being my partner/coworker

  • Thank you mum and dad for everything

  • Thank you for choosing to buy you house with us (also doubles as a congratulations/settlement gift)

  • Thank you for being you


Branded Corporate Gift Pots


A thoughtful and well timed gift can strengthen your relationship with that person. For whatever reason you need to express some gratitude, we have the solution with effortless gifting pots that can be customised to suit your budget and needs or branded to reflect your business or orgnanisation – just like First Class Accounts Fremantle recently did.


Now is the time to plan for the end of the year. If you want to discuss thank you gifts, corporate gifting or Christmas gift pot ideas, get it in touch. 


Do you want a stress free gifting solution?