I don’t want to alarm you but as of today, there are 65 days left until Christmas 2019!


How does that make you feel? 


Excited? Panicked? Overwhelmed? There’s so much to do right? And if you are a parent of school aged children, term four is extra busy. 


Are you the type of person who is organised for Christmas? You know, there is always that one friend who has a box filled with bits and pieces, cards and wrap for gift giving so they are never caught out.


Or are you the type of person who leaves gift giving to the last minute and finds it hard to shop when you are in a state of panic? Look, gift cards are okay, but it’s far nicer to give a gift at Christmas that is unique, thoughtful and sustainable!

Have you created your list yet of all the people you need to buy a gift for?


And just what do you give the person who has everything? In the spirit of giving, plus the busy lives that we live, we thought we’d take out some of the hard work for you and developed a list, so that you don’t forget someone. 


Gift Giving list:

  1. Best friend
  2. Book club 
  3. Kids coach
  4. Work kris kringle
  5. Kids teachers
  6. Your barista
  7. Dance instructor/yoga teacher/personal trainer
  8. Your parents
  9. Hairdresser/beauty therapist/massage therapist
  10. Your boss
  11. Loyal clients
  12. Hardworking staff


Of course, there’s your family –  partner, kids if you have them, and even yourself to think of. But we find it’s all the extra people that you can easily forget about. 


Remember, Christmas gift giving is meant to be a joy filled time, not a period of stress and worry. So let us take a load off for you and do what we do best, Gifting Pots that keep on growing. 


Even better, is our delivery promise. If your order is placed via phone or online by 10 am we will deliver across the Perth metropolitan area by close of business on the same day, weekdays only. 


Why not plan ahead right now and order your Christmas Gift Pots today.