Like that ever desirable packet of Tim Tams, our Gift Pots keep on giving, because they keep on growing!


It’s what makes our gifting solution effortless and growing in popularity amongst Perths corporate, business and real estate community.


We help you by taking the stress out of saying ‘thank you’ or ‘congratulations’ or ‘happy birthday’ with a gift that keeps on growing.


Why do we say that, ‘the gift that keeps on growing’?


Firstly, every Gift Pot we put together for you begins with a beautiful garden pot. Whether you need a corporate gift, birthday gift, settlement gift, welcome baby gift or thank you gift, every Gift Pot we build contains a packet of our custom signature seeds. Secondly, it creates an effortless, memorable and unique gifting experience.


That’s a lot of gifting. Just the way we like it. 

Our signature seed sachet comes with every Gifting Pot.

Have you ever stopped to think about the actual garden pot?


The pot is a gift in itself. We wanted to create a gift service with a difference that is also kind on the planet. So, instead of the usual and often disposable box, bag or basket that so many gifts come in we chose garden pots. The garden pots are a unique way to contain and present your selected gift items, and offer added extra value and experience. Rather than using packaging, the garden pot is a sustainable friendly solution that continues to give when the seeds are planted.


We love getting feedback from you, our Gifting Pot recievers. When we hear how much you loved receiving your gift, our hearts burst with pride. Seeing how you use your garden pots has been fantastic. Whilst some of you use the garden pot to grow your seed sachets, we’ve been seeing clever alternatives to growing the seeds. Sprinkle the seeds in the garden and get creative with your beautiful garden pot.


Check out these alternative ideas for using your garden pot. 


  • Use it as a plant holder. Rather than plant the seeds in the pot, sit an already mature plant or succulent within it, or a lovely indoor plant. Enhance your space at home with coloured pots and plants.


  • Hand towel storage. Roll up your bathroom hand towels or flannels and house them neatly in your bathroom bench.

Garden pots for hand towel storage in your bathroom

  • Our smaller Gift Pots make gorgeous stationary storage containers for your pens, pencils, and scissors. Imagine having your garden Gift Pot on display at your reception or in your office. Your corporate gift giver will feel so happy to see the way you are using your pot, plus it will remind you that you are valued at work.


  • Make up tool storage. Why not display your makeup brushes, hair brushes and accessories in your garden pot on your dresser or bathroom.

    Makeup brush, hairbrush, or accessory storage

At The Gifting Pot headquarters, we have a fantastic range of new garden pots in to create your Gifting Pot. Choose from a varierty of shape, size, colour or pattern to custom create your unique gifting solution, a memorable Gifting Pot that keeps on growing!

Are you ready to create a unique gifting experience?