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Not wanting to be a “cookie cutter” gifting business, The Gifting Pot focuses around garden pots and seeds. Our pots are personally selected and filled with gorgeous goodies. They come with a packet of Alyssum seeds creating a unique, meaningful and functional gift that is remembered and keeps growing for some time to come. It also provides a sustainable option, removing the frequently thrown away alternatives – HOORAY!

Shopping is easy! Either take a look at our range by selecting a link below or get in contact with us if you’d prefer to personalize your gift.

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We Deliver

Same Day delivery in Perth Metro if ordered before 10am. $15 flat fee Australia wide. 



Eco Friendly

The world is important to us. It’s why our gifts are in pots! They also need to look gorgeous but rest assured everything we use is Biodegradable and compostable.

Got to figure out another pillar

A core Value pillar of ours 





why the gifting pot?


We are a unique

We are filled with premium quality products

We focus on gifts with meaning

We are sustainable

We care

looking for something unique? That's our speciality!

Got a coffee aficionado? A tea connoisseur or perhaps someone who sees themselves as a bit of a Sommelier – No problems at all! We can personalize as much as you like with our range of goodies.


Check out our pots and “little additions”. Give us a call or email to let us know what you’re after and we will create it just for you!