Have you ever wondered how corporate gifts for your clients can benefit your business?

Corporate gifting is a growing trend amongst smart, savvy businesses within Australia. And we are not talking branded trucker caps, magnets or pens. Corporate gifting is a thoughtful way to genuinely show appreciation for your loyal customers or to thank employees and staff.

With corporate gifts, you can reach out to your customers in a fun and unique way. At The Gifting Pot, we have the bonus of branding your corporate gift pots for that added extra touch.

Home 2 Home Realty regularly uses corporate gifting as a way to congratulate their new homeowners. We have branded the decoration ribbon to showcase their business. 

One of our regular corporate gifting clients is Chelsea Sanginiti from First Class Accounts. In her boutique bookkeeping business, she tailors her services to suit her individual client’s needs. This is why she chooses the Gifting Pot because of the unique, quality customized gift pots.

My gifting is a gesture to say wwe appreciate you and your business. Its a way to say thank you for entrusting my team for their bookkepping.

Corporate gift ideas for clients – when should you send a client gift?

1.Right now. The End of Financial Year is a great opportunity for corporate gifting because it is a deductible expense. If your accountant has suggested you spend up before 30 June, consider client thank you gifts for your employees. Your staff will feel appreciated by the gesture. This goes a long way to improving their productivity and company loyalty.

2. Another great time to send a corporate gift is when you take on a new client. Landed a new project, sale or business? Why not send your new client a branded Gift Pot with carefully selected items, individualized to reflect your brand and your clients’ tastes.

Cortes Management Group with a branded ribbon gift pot ready to say “thank you” to one of their clients

3. When a transaction or service has been completed, follow up with a client thank you gift. A corporate gift leaves your client with a fond memory of your business and brand. Real Estate agents offer a perfect example of this. We curate many Gifting Pots for Perth Real Estate Agents as Settlement Gifts for their clients.

4. Around special events or personal milestones. Has your client recently celebrated something big? A wedding or baby perhaps? Or maybe it’s an anniversary of significance. Acknowledging these events lets your clients know that you cherish them in a unique and individual way and see them as a great asset to your company.

5. Referral gifts – referral marketing is one of the best strategies to build your business. Have you got a person in your network who consistently refers to you? Share the love and send them a client thank you gift pot, cementing your referral relationship.

Corporate gifting has the potential to transform your client experience and set you apart from the crowd. It should always be done to express gratitude and share in someone else’s joy.

Want to chat corporate gifting?

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