5 Reasons your Mum deserves the best this Mother’s Day.

At The Gifting Pot headquarters in Perth, we’ve been busy trialling, tasting and testing some divine gift selections from our favourite suppliers for our Mother’s Day Gifting Pots.

Last year we were inundated with gift pot purchases and sold out a few days before Mother’s Day!

Busy people of Perth know the value of choosing a quality, unique gift that is easy to purchase and can be delivered. Our feedback and testimonials show that our Gifting Pots with the special seed sachets are a winner. Making our gift pots the gifts that keep on growing and giving!

Your Mum deserves the absolute best on Mother’s Day with a gift that says “I love you, I appreciate you and thank you”. She doesn’t need another pair of cheap slippers or perfume. Nor does she want a last minute bunch of half dead flowers from the van man on the side of the road.

This Mother’s Day, your Mum deserves the best. Here’s why:

  1. Your Mum carried you for 9 months (give or take). That in itself is extraordinary! Growing a human is amazing and complex. Pregnancy does not come easy for many women. There is nausea, insomnia and back ache to name a few discomforts. Not the mention the process of falling pregnant, which can be a stressful and challenging time for some couples. For this reason, we think bubbles are in order!

    Indulgence Gift Pot

  2. Mum does the lions share of everything. Not all families can afford the luxury of a live in housekeeper like the Brady Bunch could. When a woman becomes a mother, she often takes time out from her chosen career. She puts her job on pause to care for her kids and family. To cook, to clean and make endless school lunches. Gift mum a break. Herbal tea and indulgent treats, just for her.

    Love You Mum Gift Pot

  3. Working mums really should be called super heros. Having a career and a family is equally rewarding and tiresome. There is a lot of sacrifice that happens, often their own me time and self care, including hydration! Mum will easily achieve her 2 litres of water a day with our gorgeous crystal water bottles.

    All You Need Is Water Gift Pot

  4. For all the times your Mum put aside her own personal problems or issues and put on a smile just for you, to make you feel happy and safe. Your Mum is a person too, with her own emotional needs,  dreams and desires.

    Thank You Mum Gift Pot

  5. The teenage years. Your Mum dealt with your tantrums, hissy-fits, break ups and let downs, answering back, swear words, late nights and hangovers. The worry of drivers licences and passing school. Your teenage years possibly aged your Mum by 10 years. Yet, she still showed up and loved you. She indulged in your behaviours, now it’s time to indulge in her.

    A Little Bit of Luxury Gift Pot

    A mother is undoubtedly the expert of unconditional love. Whether you are gifting for a new mum, a mum of many generations or a mum with kids of the furry kind, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation. Let us help you with effortless Mother’s Day gifting this year. Order via telephone or our online shop.


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