Perth’s Most Eggsellent Easter Gifting Solutions!

When it comes to Easter gifting, many of us cringe at the thought of brightly coloured tin foil covered bunnies.

I mean, how could we not?

They are everywhere in the supermarket aisles before Santa has even kicked off his boots. And just like the furry real life versions, they multiply in size and quantity, the closer we get to Easter. It’s enough to make you sick, literally!
Sweet, mass produced chocolate, the kind that does nothing for your hips or teeth and makes the kiddies hyper. No one wants that. We’ve all seen or felt the aftermath of an Easter chocolate overload. Not pretty.

Now, not all chocolate is made equal. In fact, some chocolate may actually be good for you! Hallelujah dark chocolate. Here at The Gifting Pot, we are all about quality, not quantity. We do artisan, not artificial. And we love sourcing and connecting with our suppliers.

So, this Easter we have collaborated with super talented Perth Chocolatier, Sue Lewis and Dessert Stylist Nikki Bird to bring you the very best of effortless, eggsellent gifting!

Hand crafted tasty Easter treats that look (almost) too good to eat, have been selected for our Easter Gifting Pots, so you can skip the supermarket nasties.

Our Easter Gifting Pots and Products have been created with you in mind. Buy them as a separate Easter gift or team them up with some of our other products to create your own Gifting Pot.

Either way, these artisan made chocolate gifts are perfect for corporate gifting, client thank you’s or rewarding staff. Your family and besties will be saying you’re an Easter legend with these Easter Gifting Pot ideas.